Our Philosophy Our Philosophy EVERYTHING STEMS FROM A HEXAGON The hexagon, geometric figure where the relation between perimeter and area is more advantageous. Like in a beehive, one of the most advanced social structures in the field, even in Interface Facility Management, every individual has his own “hexagon” to be treated with dedication and passion, so that everything works perfectly and his well-being translates into shared well-being. WHAT WE DO Fashion Fashion Store FACILITY MANAGEMENT Interface FM works with the clients in the Fashion Retail sector and manages their decentralised sales points, offices, warehouses, etc. throughout the international territory. WHAT WE DO High Tech High Tech Store FACILITY MANAGEMENT Interface FM serves High Tech retail stores by delivering quality services and working with great flexibility in order to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and adapt to the specific industry requirements. WHAT WE DO Luxury Luxury Store FACILITY MANAGEMENT Interface FM always develops a particular working method to provide customized and tailor-made service for high-end retail outlets. In order to guarantee high standards and preserve brand image Interface FM provides “White Gloves Service”. WHAT WE DO Corporate Corporate FACILITY MANAGEMENT Interface FM offers full management service of offices and facilities. It takes the role as the only intermediary in order to simplify organizational, managerial, and communicational processes. In pursuit of rational cost efficiency and corporate sustainability Interface FM offers technical competence, and in-house engineering. WHAT WE DO

Interface Support

A ticketing system that allows clients to monitor the progress of their assistance requests in real time.